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[1.26.06 @ 12:25am]
(I finally found out who to cut things YAY i hope this works READ ME! LOL)Collapse )
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[1.6.06 @ 4:48pm]
[ mood | MAD ]

Well I have been updating regularly and no one seems to read or comment on what i have to say.
I have tried to talk to different people but no one ever seems to want to add me. so all i can say to all of you is FUCK YOU!
from now on I am going to make this a friends only journal (if i can figure out how to do that) and since i dont have any friends and i will be deleting the 3 friends that i do have on my list nobody will be able to see what i write (not like anyone reads anyways)
so from now on i dont exsist to any of you losers.
and when i do write it will be for me only since i do like writing.

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[1.2.06 @ 12:30am]
Well what can i say the year 2005 sucked for the most part.
I moved out of my parents house and have been living on my own since May and its really hard financially I now know what its like to live in poverty and trust me it sucks.
Im still a loser and i havn't accomplished anything at all.
But i somehow am going to try to make 2006 a better year because i cannot live like this forever.
This year i plan on going back to school and this time i'm going to stick with it even though evertime i tell someone they laugh at me and say yeah right! but i'll show them I need 19 credits to finish highschool so i figure if i can go in february i'll be finished by next year. so hopefully it works out. now all i have to do is figure out how i can save some money to go in february. it costs $70 for regerstration and $50 per course. if i cant come up with the money by february then the next term starts in april.

I had a very boring day today! i slept for most of it so i'll probably be up all night.
I woke up at 330 and then i went back to sleep at 5 and woke up again at 830 LOL so i'll probably have to take a few sleeping pills tonight.
When i woke up at 830 i was pretty hungry so i went all of the way to the dominion to find out that it was closed i was so mad i didn't think that it would be closed today its not like its christmas its new years. anyways i ended up going to get some pizza then i went to 7-11 and got some eggs and something to drink.
And now here i am bored out of my damn mind with absolutly nothing to do.
so if your wondering why im rambling on about crap thats why.
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i have no idea how to cut things so this is going to be long im sorry if it takes up too much room [12.22.05 @ 1:32am]
[ mood | tired ]

Okay so i haven't wrote anything in here for a very long time but thats only because i have no friends on here and i get really sad when i see that every single member on this site has like millions of friends and i just have one :(
Ive decided to write something because well i feel like writing for some reason which is strange for me because i hate writing lol
well lately i have been feeling kind depressed lately, i think its because the holidays are here and i always feel like crap around the new year. and this totally sucks because i have been doing so good lately ive been so happy until just recently oh well i guess thats life.
anyways i have been feeling crappy for the last 2 weeks straight but today i sort of had a good day.
This morning when i woke up me and my mom went shopping. then we decided to go to bingo lol (im addicted) they're having a christmas givaway thing where they're giving away microwaves, they have one every day and ever since i laid my eyes on those things i wanted one so badly because i dont have one. but anyways GUESS WHAT???? today i actually won one YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! i was sooo excited to win a microwave lol.
i went to bingo with my mom, my aunt, and steven. me and my mom were splitting and my aunt and steven were splitting. at the first session steven won $400 then my aunt won $250 and I won the microwave. since i was splitting with my mom i didn't get any money. we left the bingo but then we decided to go back for the next session. well first steven one $100 then my aunt won $60 and then steven won $375 i was kind of mad because its customary to give the people your with something if you win but they didnt't give us a dime so that was fine. and then guess what i won $100 so i was really excited because i finally won something but it wasn't much because i had to give my mom half. and then the very last gave you have to get the full card in 54 numbers to win $1000 (which is very hard to do) and if no one gets it in 54 numbers then the winner gets $500 AND GUESS WHAT???? (lol) i won the full card in 50 numbers which is next to impossible to do so i won $1000 i was so happy because i was almost broke so it was nice to win a big one. then me my mom my aunt steven and my dad decided to go to the next session of bingo lol
my aunt and steven were splitting and me my mom and my dad were going three ways well my aunt and steven won nothing and GUESS WHAT my mom won $500 so i got 1/3 i was really happy about that too. so i started the day with $60 and came home with $500 (bingo can get expensive)
after being sad for the last couple of weeks this has been a good day well except for the exception of this really bad tooth ache.
anyways this has been long enough so im gonna go now and i'll try to write something tomorrow.

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[12.14.05 @ 7:32pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I had a horrible day! :(
It all started lastnight, i had the worst toothache ever and i just couldn't sleep. everytime my toothache would get better the stupid idiot next door to me started his usual shit. he for some reason likes to go in and out of his room and run back and forth in the hallways and run up and down the stupid stairs. He also jiggles his lock and slams his door, he was doing this until 6 o'clock this morning.
So, finally when he started to calm down around 6am i fell asleep and my toothache finally went away. His stupid alarm clock went off at 7am and woke me up he wouldn't turn it off so i went and pounded on his door until i finally woke him up at 7:30 he turned it off and i went back to sleep lol
At 9am i woke up again to his stupid alarm clock i put my pillow over my ears and hoped that maybe he would wake up on his own and turn it off, but unfortunately, that wasn't the case so i pounded on his door again and i pounded for 20 minutes until he finally turned it off lol.
I just dont understand why he stays up all night long and then sets his alarm clock so early and then he doesn't even turn the damn thing off, he sleeps right threw it, GRRRRRRRRRR!!
I went back to sleep around 10 a half an hour later i woke up to knocking on my window this really freaked me out so when i woke up i saw some strange guy looking at me through my window, okay so now im terrified! i went downstairs and told this guy who lives here about it and he said that there are guys working on the roof. now i dont have any curtains cause i live on the top floor of a house facing the backyard so i didn't think in a million of years that someone would be around my window. I mean they could of atleast told me that people were working on MY roof. This guy was so scary looking and he wouldn't stop staring threw my window.
Around noon i came back to my room and put a sheet over my window and went back to sleep. i woke up at 2 and i had no cigarettes or no money. I got my mom to call my dad and ask him for some money, he came over at 4 and lent us $40 so with that we went to the grocery store, i bought some pizza pockets.
when i got home i made a pizza pocket and then i realized that it was the wrong kind, it had like 3 kind of cheeses and it was so grose i almost puked.
what a waste of money.
I also went to seven eleven to buy some smokes and a drink. While i was there there was a guy with down syndrome it was sad cause he only had $5 and wanted to buy something that was worth $6.40 when the guy told him he didn't have enough he freaked out and tried to take the stuff anyways. the clerk went over to him and started a fist fight with the guy. it was so sad cause he didn't know any better. Im telling you theres always something wrong happening at that 7-11 lol

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[12.13.05 @ 10:38pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Today was a boring day i did absolutely nothing.
I woke up around 2 and then had a nap at 4. i woke up at 6. I went to pizza pizza to get a slice of pizza and guess what? they sell liquar there, isn't that wierd? i never seen that before.

I was watching the 6 oclock news and apperently there was a big pillow fight downtown lol WTF??? how wierd is that? if i knew that i would of went lol

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[11.13.05 @ 3:51am]
Beyondinsanity found me this cool picture. thanks Vanessa, i love it.
BTW, im not a slut!
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[11.13.05 @ 3:31am]
[ mood | mad,upset,worried ]

This is going to be long but i'll try to make it as short as possible.
Okay so its November 13th and i still dont have heat, well i have heat but its broken. Once i turn on the heat it stays on for a while and then it will go off and it wont go back on. Ive tried to tell the lanlords but they still wont do anything about it and its illegal not to have heat from September 15th to June 1st. So i have decided that on mondy i am going to call the tenents act to see what i can do about this, cuase its so cold in here i cant stand it.
Winter is right around the corner and if its anything like last winter and i dont have heat i'll die.

My weekend so far was horrible. Im really broke right now that i dont know what im gonna do. My mom has been living with me for the last few months and shes a gambler so she spends all of my money on bingo. She told me on thursday that she would try to borrow some money off of my brother, he gave her $40 and guess what? she spent it all on bingo. This morning she told me that lastnight she borrowed $60 from my dad and she spent that on bingo too...GRRRR!!
Thats $100 that we could of bought food with, now i have to starve for the next couple of weeks. I really dont know about her sometimes i think she should get into GA. I have to learn not to give her any money but its so hard especially when she begs me for it.

On friday my cousin asked me to go to her house and babysit. Since shes a single mom and never gets the chance to go out i said i would. When i got there she told me that she wasn't going to go out...lol so i stayed there and got bored out of my mind. It was also her daughters birthday she turned 7.
So today i went to her birthday party, she had it at the bowlerama. I Bowled an 188 YAY! I beat everyone.
I bought my cousin a Bratz shopping mall. It was regular $59.99 i got it for $15 at walmart so i was happy about that and she likes Bratz.
They have bowling leagues on wednesday nights so i think im gonna join, it'll give me something to do and i'll get out of the house.

for those of you who dont know, im in a research study where they give me experimental drugs and pay me really big money, i know im nuts...lol
anyways, i usually have to go from sunday to tuesday but im happy cause this week i dont have to go. Its all over! but they might need me to go back 2 more times which would suck ass, i wont find out until the 17th. well, atleast if i do have to go back i get a break this week :)

Okay, so now i've written way too much.
its not like i have anyone to read it anyways so i guess it doesn't matter lol
Im talking to myself. Oh Well.

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[11.11.05 @ 2:23pm]
Im new to this site. I have no idea what i should write in these journals but i guess i'll write about what im feeling and what i have done during the day. I dont expect anyone to read these cause they'll probably be boring lol
I guess its just more for me since i like writing.

Today i have been in the worst pain ever, it all started a couple of days ago, i got a really bad tooth ache in 2 of my teeth. I've never felt this kind of pain in my life, its horrible.
A few days ago i went to my family doctor to get some pain killers and i was surprised he that he gave me perocets.
Last night i called the emergancy dentist and they said i could go in today so this moring i went and she gave me some more percocets ive been taking a lot of them to get rid of this pain so im feeling really high, if none of this makes sense, thats why lol.
I had absolutly no sleep last night because my teeth were bothering me. Not only that but i rent a room in a shared house and i live with about 5 other ppl. the guy next door to me wouldn't shut up he was up all night going in and out of his room walking back in forth in the hall ways and running up and down the stairs so of course that affected my pain lol. then this other guy who lives downstairs was having a party, he had about 5 or 6 ppl over and his music was so loud and thumping. I dont know if any of you have ever had a tooth ache but its just like a migrane but worse any little noise makes it worse.
Since im poor and cant afford to go to the dentist, im gonna go to the university and have students work on it cause they do it for free.
i tried to call them all day but i just cant get threw to them, oh well i guess i'll just have to keep trying.
Anyways i think i have wrote long enough now.
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[11.10.05 @ 11:26pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Im new to this site (beyondinsanity) told me about it and i thought that i would try it. I thought that it would be a good way of meeting some online friends since i dont have any lol (im a loser)
My name is Sharra and im interested in meeting some new people so please feel free to add me.

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